About us
Why choose Bnbstartup?
Bnbstartup is the #1 property management company in Amsterdam. We cater solely to vacation rental owners. Your success is our success and we are deeply invested in our homeowners.
What do we provide as Bnbstartup?
Our team of highly trained hospitality professionals in backgrounds ranging from guest services, housekeeping supervision and front desk management, at some of the world’s most exclusive hotel brands, deliver an outstanding level of service and comfort to your rental property.
Property management tech solutions and pricing software allow multi-channel distribution, optimizing your revenue and filling your calendar. Our aim is 90% occupancy, maximum gain.
Backed by an expert support team and friendly accessible personal management. We work together with you our property owner, to ensure you get the most out of your vacation rental business.
Which channels do we use to list your property?
We use a wide range channels to distribute your property! Our software will distribute your home to all the major websites and also the less prominent boutique sites.
The most important are: Booking.com, VRBO, Homeaway, Airbnb and Expedia
Start renting out
Can I rent out my rental home?
Yes! As long as your landlord agrees, you are free to rent your rented property to guests. You just need to provide a written agreement by the property owner.
Do I need to provide my own linen?
No, we can provide this for you.
How do I know if renting out my house is legal?
This depends on your specific property and location. Check your local government or municipality’s website, or, contact us directly if you aren’t sure whether your specific property complies.
Do I need to inform my neighbors?
We always advise you to inform your neighbors beforehand. If desired, your neighbors can receive our direct contact details so they can reach out if any questions or urgent matters arise.
Are there starting costs?
How do I sign up to start renting out my property?
You can simply click the sign up button on our website.
What do I need to provide to start the service?
During the process we’ll ask you to fill in a short registration form. After that we will contact you to ensure your property complies with your local municipality laws and help advise on any things you might need to get started.
Signing up is easy, we do the rest.
Do I need a photo shoot?
If you already have high quality, appealing photo’s a photoshoot won’t be necessary. However, if you prefer having a new photoshoot or you simply don’t have high quality photo’s yourself, we will provide a high grade professional photoshoot for you, working with our trained commercial photographers and stylists, providing linen and amenities to ensure the best possible advertisement for your listing. If you rent your property with us to more than 10 guests, we will provide this service absolutely free of charge.
What are the various types of services we provide?
We made a separate page explaining our various services and how to choose what’s best for you. Click here to view options.
While renting the property
How will the check-in be arranged?
That depends on the type of property you have and of course, your wishes.
For most properties, we deliver a personal check-in by one of our trained, friendly City Hosts.
To find out which check-in procedure best fits your property, contact us.
How can I see my bookings?
As one of our property owners, you will receive your homeowner portal login and calendar access where you can view all your reservations, manage your availability, view guest details and check your revenue. Our support team will help get you started. Just create your own password and the rest is easy.
You can gain access to your portal from any device, anywhere in the world. So take a vacation and let us do the work back home.
How will I know if there are damages to my property?
After every stay, we thoroughly check your property for damages. If this is the case, we will take action immediately. Should damages exceed the security deposit, we will assist you by claiming the damages with the guest involving the website and credit card companies to help you receive compensation. We can’t guarantee the we always see every scratch, but we do our utmost to achieve that.
Who do I contact for info about my bookings?
Your personal account manager is always available for questions regarding your reservations. Alternatively, contact our reservations team. Our reservations agents are fully trained and can also provide any answers you need regarding your pending reservations.
How is the cleaning arranged?
We work with hotel trained professional cleaners. Our cleaning service partners are trusted, hotel professionals who have worked with us on hundreds of listings and provided trusted, quality service to thousands of guests.
They are our partners in reporting maintenance issues, reporting hidden damages and great in finding and returning belongings left by guests!
If you prefer to work with your own trusted cleaner, we can manage and provide schedules for them to work with, as long as they are available and can work independently and to standard.
Cleaning includes all cleaning products, cleaning items, and provides extra amenities for your guests like toilet paper, kitchen products, coffee, tea, sugar and creamer.
What’s included in the linen service?
Our linen service includes luxury hotel quality, neatly pressed crisp white linen, including linen for two pillows per guest. Fluffy white bath towels, guest towels and hand towels, bath mat and kitchen towels. Upgrade your package to include luxury hotel amenities at a small extra charge, so you can stop providing soaps and shampoo as well.
How do I arrange my check-in with the guests?
That depends on your property type and personal requirements. Usually, we coordinate everything from booking request to guest checkout and review. However, if you wish to greet your guests yourself, we will provide you and your guests with all the information you need. You still benefit for our pricing and reservations software and we can even provide an extra app so you can view your check-in schedule, at no extra cost. Ask us about this service.
How do I block my calendar?
We provide a homeowner platform which allows you the opportunity to block dates on your calendar and check your upcoming bookings.
What about my personal belongings?
We always try to make sure your guests are kind and trustworthy. We recommend you to really make sure your personal belongings aren’t in plain sight. You can put them in a room or closet, the guest don’t have access to. Although you’re insured, we like to prevent emotional damage.
How much do you charge for your services?
We made a separate page to make this more clear. Click here to go to this page.
What are my Fiscal consequences?
If you are renting out your home, you will have to pay income tax based on your annual rental income. The other Fiscal consequences depend on your specific situation. For more information please feel free to contact us directly.